About the WMA Summer School of Music

Workers' Music Association Aims

The Summer School is an annual event, organised on a voluntary basis by the Summer School Working Party, with the kind and dedicated contributions of the Summer School tutors.

The WMA has been organising the Summer School now for 75 years, and every year brings new discoveries, challenges and joy to all of the participants. Many students say that it’s at the Summer School that they first find the confidence and encouragement to perform before an audience; however, no pressure is exerted to persuade anyone to sing or play as a soloist if they prefer the reassurance of staying within the group.

Enthusiasts for musical genres not included in the formal curriculum will often form groups and practise together: some highly successful examples of these groups have included recorders, ceilidh band, harmonicas, klezmer music and the performance of pieces written by students in the Composition Course.

The WMA aims to encourage the composition and performance of music with special regard to that which expresses the ideals and aims of humankind towards the improved organisation of society, music which exerts an influence against social injustices of our present society and music which encourages and reflects the activities and aspirations of the labour and peace movements for a new society.

Founded in 1936 by leading composer and radical, Alan Bush, the WMA has been singing and playing music for peace and workers' rights for over 80 years.

The WMA welcomes new members. To find out more, see their website: www.workers-music-association.co.uk

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