Jazz Vocal

Tutor: Phil Hargreaves

This course is for vocalists who are interested in singing Jazz standards (i.e., if you are interested in singing modern show tunes or pop songs, the Solo Singing course will be the place for you). It will be run on a 'Masterclass' basis, using computer-generated backings. As each vocalist will be performing one at a time, I cannot accommodate large numbers on this course, so it will be limited to five participants on a first-come-first-served basis (or as they say in Liverpool “first up, best dressed”). I will be expecting a certain amount of preparation for this before you arrive: singers at any stage of their development will be welcome, ie it isn't exclusively for experienced Jazz singers. We will be looking at the stylistic and practical requirements of Jazz singing, possibly including improvisation, with the option (although this is not compulsory) of singing with a Jazz group live, either at the Jazz night in the bar or with the Big Band on the final night.

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