Phil Hargreaves

Courses: Modern Jazz  Big Band  Jazz Vocal

Phil Hargreaves is a saxophone & flute player, working mainly (though not exclusively) in free improvisation. In the past he has played with such names as Maggie Nicols, Evan Parker, Derek Bailey, Caroline Kraabel and others. He has recorded over twenty CD's, many of which are available on his own Whi Music label.


His current projects include 'Bloodcog', a free jazz/power electronics group, Malchamech, a free improv/heavy metal band, 'Graculus', a chamber improv collaboration with classical guitarist Richard Harding and a quartet with Maggie Nicols, Richard Harrison and Fran Bass. He is also a member of 'Grupo Luma', a Nuevo Cancion group led by Fran and Oscar Carrasco, refugees from Pinochet's Chile, who will be touring through 2023. He is a Vice President of the WMA.

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