Folk Music

Tutor: Tim Martin

This course will allow participants (whether singers, instrumentalists or both) to have fun, play together, perform in the evening Folk Showcase (if they wish to) and leave with some tools to improve their practice and performance skills for the future. We will foster a supportive, inclusive environment for all students to nurture their talents.


A knowledge of music notation and theory won’t be necessary – just bring enthusiasm and the willingness to learn and possibly try something different. The course will be suitable both for beginners and experienced musicians who want to sing, play or sing-and-play.


Some music/ lyrics/ recordings will be provided before the start of the School but if you have any suggestions for material, please contact the tutor.


Both sessions of the Folk course will be inclusive and open to instrumentalists and vocalists alike, but each will have a slightly different focus.


The first of the two Folk sessions (Session 3) will have a more instrumental focus along with vocal and rhythmical input as well, to replicate the feeling of attending a folk club. The second session (Session 5) will be centred around folk and protest songs and any instrumental input will also be welcomed here.


Every session will start with some form of activity or game (after introductions on the first day). It will be a quick physical and musical warm-up with exploration of rhythm and co-ordination games, exploring your instrument (including voices). Students will work together as a group on the set material provided and possibly try out some of their own material.


The group will discuss how students can get a subjective view on their work – asking for feedback, giving constructive feedback to others and deciding what they may or may not want to take on board.

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