Ceilidh Band

Tutor: Keith Parkins

The repertoire of Ceilidh music that we shall use is predominantly dance music and includes hornpipes, reels, jigs, double jigs, slip jigs, hops, polkas, waltzes etc. It originates mainly from Scotland and Ireland but includes other European and American pieces. The music is written in concert pitch and is suitable for a wide variety of instruments.

These sessions are suitable for musicians having all levels of experience of playing Ceilidh music. They are also an ideal introduction for those who are playing Ceilidh music for the first time.

The Ceilidh performances form part of the social activities that take place in the evenings. Some participants may want to join the practice sessions but not perform at the Ceilidhs, which is their choice. Other participants may not be able to join the course sessions but are welcome to play in the band if they are able to sight-read the music.

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