Ben Lunn

Course: Conducting   Brass

‘His work extends the palette of sounds that can be brought into contemporary classical music, redefining both modern composition and concert-hall inclusion.’ – Alan Morrison,

Ben Lunn is an award-winning composer and conductor, who has made a name for himself promoting composers from various walks of life. He has performed premieres by numerous composers including Justina Repečkaitė, Kristupas Bubnėlis, Karen Sutherland, Karolina Kapustaitė, Eduardas Balsys, Harriet Grainger, Ewan MacKay, and Mykolas Natėlavičius.

His musical upbringing came from brass bands, starting off on the humble Baritone before expanding onto Trombone and Euphonium. He has played for multiple brass bands, competed in numerous regional
and national contests, and attended workshops led by Nicholas Childs,
David Childs, Brett Baker, David Thornton, Øystein Baardsvik, and Christian Lindberg.

Alongside his composition work, Ben Lunn contributes regularly to the Morning Star Newspaper. He runs the Disabled Artist Network, and organisation set-up to support disabled artists in numerous disciplines
and at various levels of their professional work. Ben is also an elected representative on the Musician’s Union Scotland and Northern Ireland Regional Committee and EDI Committee.

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